Mise de bétail d’élevage et de rente au manège d’Orange à Tavannes le mercredi 19 décembre 2012, dès 11h30. La visite du bétail est possible dès 10h30.
46 animaux Red-Holstein, Holstein et Swiss Fleckvieh sont au catalogue.
Le paiement se fait comptant ou par chèques. Plus de renseignements chez Jean Siegenthaler tél. 032 961 18 28.
Les éleveurs de l’Arc Jurassien se réjouissent d’accueillir de très nombreux confrères des quatre coins de la Suisse.

Catalogue de la mise (pdf)

Zucht- und Nutzviehauktion in der Reithalle Orange in Tavannes am Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012, ab 11.30 Uhr. Die Besichtigung ist möglich ab 10.30 Uhr
46 Red-Holstein, Holstein und Swiss Fleckvieh Tiere sind im Katalog.
Die Zahlung erfolgt Bar oder per Check. Für Auskünfte steht Ihnen gerne Jean Siegenthaler, Tel. 032 961 18 28 zu Verfügung.
Die Züchter des Jurabogens freuen sich auf einen grossen Besucheraufmarsch aus der Deutschschweiz.

Katalog der Auktion (pdf)

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 Aerospace industry wins and also loses in Olympia | HeraldNet.internet - Work Washington's aerospace industry and its boosters gained some and missing some during this year's lengthy legislative period in Olympia.There were wins in workforce education and education and certain tax exceptions that benefit servicing, repair and renovate companies like Everett's Aviation Technological Services. But transport, a key priority for your industry as oft-mentioned by Gov. Jay Inslee, fell with the wayside on the final day's the session a week ago.Linda Lanham, executive director in the Aerospace Futures Alliance, a market lobbying group, overall has been upbeat about the ramifications for the state's aerospace supply chain."I think [url=http://pamper-day.co.uk/html%20pages/wholesalejerseysnflnfl.aspx]nike cheap steelers jerseys[/url] we does really well," Lanham mentioned, noting successes upon workforce training and also the aforementioned tax difference. "We got several expenses that helped a lot of the suppliers."As for how the state's largest aerospace firm, Boeing, might view the program, Lanham wasn't optimistic. The particular lobbyist expressed disappointment a compromise couldn't end up being reached on smog standards on normal water discharged by huge facilities like Boeing's Renton and Everett factories. Boeing and other aerospace businesses were pushing to get a study on fish intake to re-examine whether more challenging standards are actually necessary."I'd be concerned about what kind of communication that sends Chicago," home associated with Boeing's corporate headquarters, "about our competitiveness," Lanham mentioned.Here's a look at the Legislature's aerospace-related actions, and inaction, this year in Olympia: Passed: Workforce development, tax exemptionsIn February, Inslee dealt with the industry for the first time as governor, speaking to about 300 aerospace leaders at a seminar in Lynnwood."The most important thing I could do is to offer skilled workers for you," he exclaimed. And the Legislature came through on many schooling and workforce instruction initiatives supported by the actual aerospace industry: [url=http://www.pennylaneflowers.co.uk/private/private/nflreplicajerseys.aspx]http://www.pennylaneflowers.co.uk/private/private/nflreplicajerseys.aspx[/url] million for an aerospace training facility inside Renton.0,000 in awards for 12 substantial schools to launch aerospace assemblage programs this year.Up to .5 million to remain a student loan program pertaining to aerospace training at corporations such as the Washington Aerospace Instruction and Research Centre at Paine Field inside Everett.More than 0 million to create facilities for scientific disciplines, technology, engineering and also math education at state universities and community colleges. million to [url=http://www.pennylaneflowers.co.uk/private/private/nflreplicajerseys.aspx]cheapest nfl jerseys[/url] invest in the Joint Heart for Aerospace Technology Development, which promotes collaboration between the industry along with Washington's research centers.In the mean time, lawmakers exempted non-resident-owned plane from sales and rehearse taxes, a move that may benefit Aviation Technical Services at Paine Area. The state wasn't collecting those taxes anyway because private plane owners from outside the state would fly their jets elsewhere for repair work rather than pay Washington's taxes."That was a tough someone to get passed,Inches Lanham said.Lawmakers additionally exempted large airplane in storage from express property tax, that will create jobs in Moses Lake. Lanham estimates as many as 300 jobs could possibly be created, though the lady cautioned it wouldn't happen immediately.No motion: Transportation, fish review, workers compEarly in the session, Inslee added transportation like a top priority for responding to the needs of the aerospace business. On Wednesday, they expressed disappointment in Senate majority leaders for not seeing to passage of a billion transportation package."Senate leaders failed to deliver one of the most critical job-creation and economic-development purchases -- a comprehensive transportation prepare," Inslee said.Work comp reform also has been for a while on the industry's report on wants from Buenos aires lawmakers. That didn't happen this session, observed lobbyist Lanham.Another point of competition for the industry ended up being the failure to pass a study on bass consumption by Washingtonians. The analysis would have taken another look at whether tougher policies were required on pollutants cleared in water by simply industrial facilities like Boeing's producers in Everett and Renton."I thought waiting six months to do this study wasn't requesting a lot," Lanham said.Michelle Dunlop: 425-339-3454; mdunlop@heraldnet.com.

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